Jan 9th:

  • Greeters:  Dominic Porrino, Kathy Herrfeldt
  • Showboaters:  Matt Gouge, Ian Cook 
  • Speakers:  Colin Smith, Cerrina Jensen

Jan 16th:

  • Greeters:  Spencer Lahon, John Price 
  • Showboaters:  Dominic Porrino, Kathy Herrfeldt
  • Speakers:  Matt Gouge, Ian Cook

Jan 23:

  • Greeters:  Bashar Ahmad, Dave Carlsen
  • Showboaters:  Spencer Lahon, John Price 
  • Speakers:  Dominic Porrino, Kathy Herrfeldt

Jan 30:

  • Greeters:  Dimitrios Kiniris, Leon Davidson
  • Showboaters:  Bashar Ahmad, Dave Carlsen
  • Speakers:  Spencer Lahon, John Price 

Who Are We!
LeTip is a professional organization of men and women dedicated to the highest standards of competence and service. Our primary purpose is to give and receive qualified business tips or leads. Members will, at all times, maintain the highest professional integrity. Each business category is represented by one member and conflicts of interest are disallowed.

We are dedicated to putting dollars in your pocket!

Carpet Cleaner
Dry Cleaner

Please join us for our weekly Wednesday morning meeting and our quarterly mixer.  Contact us to find out more.