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Sacramento Midtown LeTip

Our Midtown LeTip Chapter builds more than just strong business relationships. Our chapter cultivates friendships that last a lifetime.

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Midtown LeTip at our regular meeting place. We meet every Wednesday morning at 7am.

MidTown Sacramento LeTip

We are The Premiere LeTip Chapter of Sacramento, CA.

Midtown LeTip was established in May 1991 with the intent of growing revenues for business owners.

Our goals and intent have not changed over the years – We strive to create sales leads for each of the members. We are all small and medium-size business owners inside a professional business networking group. We are always growing and have members that have been with us for decades.

How it works in a nutshell:

Our chapter meetings are every Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM at Raley’s on Howe & Fair Oaks Blvd. We start the meetings with The Pledge of Allegiance and enjoy the opportunity to learn about each other and our businesses and how we can support each other. We then have the opportunity to give short “commercials” where we can showcase what we do best!

Every month, our chapter sends business to each other using our online tracking system, LeTip Wired. (These are called “tips.”) Each member is responsible to sending 4 tips a month to chapter members, whether it be for services for themselves or for someone they know who needs services rendered.

Now that the pandemic is slowing a bit, we’re looking forward to adding some in-person Happy Hour and Power Lunches to our calendar as well! (More on that very soon.)

5 Reasons To Join MidTown LeTip:

  1. LeTip puts “Dollars in your pocket”™.
  2. LeTip members learn to be better public speakers.
  3. LeTip is a family and members are loyal to each other.
  4. LeTip is a source of referrals for your clientele.
  5. LeTip provides Psychic Income – that feel good factor you get when you help others.

We Create Business Relationships.

LeTip Business Networking Group Chapter members spend time learning about each other’s business, powering their ability to make better referrals.

By becoming well versed in each other’s industries, they can make higher-quality referrals. These high level tips turn our local business referral network chapters into powerful, knowledge and result driven sales forces.

Serving over

Business Categories

MidTown LeTip is a business networking group for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

Lawyer. Landscape. Massage Therapist. From restaurant owner to data recovery, we’ve got the perfect place for your business in one of our more than 740 business categories in our business referral network.

Our unique, competition free networking model is based upon chapter members getting to know each other’s businesses, empowering them with the expertise to make higher quality referrals.

"I've been in the group for about 9 years, and with the help of LeTip, I've grown my business from just myself to having 4 employees. And this year, we'll likely break over a million dollars in revenue."

Micah Gilmore – Heating & Air Conditioning, MidTown LeTip Member

"In the first year of my membership, I quadrupled my investment."

Jim Kiniris – Financial Lead, Midtown LeTip Member

”I joined MidTown LeTip with no expectation other than personal growth for the first year. Little did I know that it would yield 65,000 in gross sales that year! After three years of being active in the group, I cant imagine being without the relationships and contacts I have formed! “

Steve Morrow – Capitol Collision Center

"My company has been involved with LeTip since 1995. This is the best way to network for business leads. Our business grows 10-20% each year with direct leads from LeTip."

Burton Douglas – Douglass & Company


Come To A FREE Event

Come visit our chapter and see how LeTip can help your business grow. Our group currently meets at Raley’s on Howe & Fair Oaks every Wednesday morning from 7 am to 8:15 am. Practice your 30 second commercial and join us…we look forward to meeting you!

Midtown LeTip Group Photo