Nov 6

  • Greeters: Janet Eilering, Jessica Artau
  • Showboaters: Duane Faitel, Tony Park
  • Speakers: Colin Smith, Micah Gilmore

Nov 13

  • Greeters: Matt Gouge, Andrea Close
  • Showboaters: Janet Eilering, Jessica Artau
  • Speakers: Duane Faitel, Tony Park

Nov 20

  • Greeters: Dan Loesch, Dave Carlsen 
  • Showboaters: Matt Gouge, Andrea Close
  • Speakers: Janet Eilering, Jessica Artau

Nov 27  Thanksgiving

Dec 4

  • Greeters: Amy Heiser, Isaiah Souza
  • Showboaters: Dan Loesch, Dave Carlsen 
  • Speakers: Matt Gouge, Andrea Close

Dec 11, Quarterly Mixer 

Dec 18, No Meeting

Dec 25, Christmas – No Meeting

Jan 1, Happy New Year – No Meeting

Jan 8

  • Greeters: John Beals, Dimitrios Kiniris
  • Showboaters: Amy Heiser, Isaiah Souza
  • Speakers: Dan Loesch, Dave Carlsen 

Jan 15

  • Greeters: Jeff Liebig, Dominic Porrino
  • Showboaters: John Beals, Dimitrios Kiniris
  • Speakers: Amy Heiser, Isaiah Souza


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