Oct 2

  • Greeters: Strati Vourakis, George Pounders
  • Showboaters: Sandy Russell, Leon Davidson
  • Speakers: Greg Garcia, Melissa Caldwell

Oct 9

  • Greeters: Jennifer Alexander, Jacqueline Fe Benito
  • Showboaters: Strati Vourakis, George Pounders
  • Speakers: Sandy Russell, Leon Davidson

Oct 16

  • Greeters: Colin Smith, Micah Gilmore
  • Showboaters: Harold Newbill, Jacqueline Fe Benito
  • Speakers: Strati Vourakis, George Pounders

Oct 23

Round Table

Oct 30

  • Greeters: Duane Faitel, Colin Smith
  • Showboaters: Colin Smith, Micah Gilmore
  • Speakers: Harold Newbill, Jacqueline Fe Benito


Member Directory

John Beals
The Piering Law Firm 

Category: Attorney – Personal Injury
Member Since: 01-Sep-2012 
Address: 775 University Ave
Sacramento   CA 95825Email: john@pieringlawfirm.com
Website: http://www.pieringlawfirm.com/
Phone: 916-446-1944
Fax: 916-446-1222

John’s Bio:

John Beals is an associate with the Piering Law Firm focusing exclusively on matters involving personal injury, wrongful death and products liability. Prior to joining the Piering Law Firm, Mr. Beals was the principal of the Law Offices of John D. Beals with offices in San Francisco and Sacramento.

At Piering Law Firm, our team aggressively advocates for accident victims throughout California. Mr. Beals and Mr. Piering have more than 35 years of combined experience dealing with insurance companies that attempt to limit or deny our clients’ claims. Though most cases are settled outside of the courtroom, we take the extra steps to prepare each case as if it were going to trial. This allows us to negotiate from a position of strength, which leads to favorable settlements. If settlement negotiations fail, you can count on us for vigorous representation at trial.

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