Oct 2

  • Greeters: Strati Vourakis, George Pounders
  • Showboaters: Sandy Russell, Leon Davidson
  • Speakers: Greg Garcia, Melissa Caldwell

Oct 9

  • Greeters: Jennifer Alexander, Jacqueline Fe Benito
  • Showboaters: Strati Vourakis, George Pounders
  • Speakers: Sandy Russell, Leon Davidson

Oct 16

  • Greeters: Colin Smith, Micah Gilmore
  • Showboaters: Harold Newbill, Jacqueline Fe Benito
  • Speakers: Strati Vourakis, George Pounders

Oct 23

Round Table

Oct 30

  • Greeters: Duane Faitel, Colin Smith
  • Showboaters: Colin Smith, Micah Gilmore
  • Speakers: Harold Newbill, Jacqueline Fe Benito


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