Jan 9th:

  • Greeters:  Dominic Porrino, Kathy Herrfeldt
  • Showboaters:  Matt Gouge, Ian Cook 
  • Speakers:  Colin Smith, Cerrina Jensen

Jan 16th:

  • Greeters:  Spencer Lahon, John Price 
  • Showboaters:  Dominic Porrino, Kathy Herrfeldt
  • Speakers:  Matt Gouge, Ian Cook

Jan 23:

  • Greeters:  Bashar Ahmad, Dave Carlsen
  • Showboaters:  Spencer Lahon, John Price 
  • Speakers:  Dominic Porrino, Kathy Herrfeldt

Jan 30:

  • Greeters:  Dimitrios Kiniris, Leon Davidson
  • Showboaters:  Bashar Ahmad, Dave Carlsen
  • Speakers:  Spencer Lahon, John Price 

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Rivers Edge Cafe & Espresso
8740 La Riviera Drive, Suite C&D
Sacramento, CA 95826

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Janet Eilering
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We meet on Wednesday mornings from 7:01am to 8:30am

If you are going to miss a meeting please contact:
Melissa Caldwell
Email: mcaldwell@golyon.com