Feb 5

  • Greeters: Sandy Russell, George Pounders
  • Showboaters: Greg Garcia, Melissa Caldwell
  • Speakers: John Beals, Ken Smalley

Feb 12

Round Table Discussion

Feb 19

  • Greeters: Strati Vourakis, Harold Newbill
    Showboaters: Sandy Russell, George Pounders
    Speakers: Greg Garcia, Melissa Caldwell

Feb 26

  • Greeters: Colin Smith, Micah Gilmore
    Showboaters: Strati Vourakis, Harold Newbill
    Speakers: Sandy Russell, George Pounders

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Tony Park
Rivers Edge Cafe & Espresso

Category: Restaurant
Member Since: 01-Jun-2010
Address: 8740 La Riviera Drive, Suite C&D
Sacramento   CA 95826Email:
Website: www.riversedgecafeonline.com
Phone: 916-362-2221
Fax: 916-362-2226

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