Mar 13

  • Greeters: Strati Vourakis, Amy Heiser
  • Showboaters: Greg Garcia, Duane Faitel
  • Speakers: Ken Smalley, Janet Eilering

Mar 20

  • Greeters: Jennifer Alexander, George Pounders
  • Showboaters: Strati Vourakis, Amy Heiser
  • Speakers: Greg Garcia, Duane Faitel

Mar 27


Apr 3

  • Greeters:  Jacqueline Fe Benito, Austin Karp
  • Showboaters: Jennifer Alexander, George Pounders
  • Speakers: Strati Vourakis, Amy Heiser

Apr 10

  • Greeters: Matt Gouge, Andrea Close
  • Showboaters: Jacqueline Fe Benito, Austin Karp
  • Speakers: Jennifer Alexander, George Pounders

Apr 17

  • Greeters:  Cerrina Jensen, Colin Smith
  • Showboaters: Matt Gouge, Andrea Close
  • Speakers: Jacqueline Fe Benito, Austin Karp

Apr 24

  • Greeters:  Kathy Herrfeldt, Dominic Porrino
  • Showboaters: Cerrina Jensen, Colin Smith
  • Speakers: Matt Gouge, Andrea Close

May 1

  • Greeters: Jeff Liebig, John Price
  • Showboaters: Kathy Herrfeldt, Dominic Porrino
  • Speakers: Cerrina Jensen, Colin Smith


About Midtown LeTip Business Networking Group

Professional Business Networking Group, Midtown LeTip was established in May 1991 with the intent of growing revenues for business owners.  It is the oldest LeTip chapter in Sacramento.  The goal and intent have not changed over the years – the group still strives to create sales leads for each of the members. We are all small and medium size business owners inside a professional business networking group with a system that does work!

Several members have remained in the organization for many years.  Mark Albrecht (Direct Mailing Services), Amy Heiser (Auto Repair) and Jeff Liebig (Certified Public Accountant) are just a few of our members who have been in the LeTip family for over 10 years.

How it works:  
We meet every Wednesday morning.  The meeting starts at 7:00 am sharp!  But most members get to the restaurant around 6:30am to start networking with the other business members.

Everyone is seated after the pledge of allegiance.  We start filling out “Tip Forms” for the other members – these are referrals to Midtown members from friends, customers, family that need the members’ services or products.  Also, everyone passes their business cards around – this ensures that everyone has each other’s cards to give to referrals.

Breakfast is served buffet style.

At each meeting two members are allowed to give a 10 minute presentation about their business.  Their presentation includes what they do, what kind of clients/customers they are looking for, and a detailed description of how the members can tip them with leads.

The last half hour of each meeting we go around and everyone is given 30 seconds to quickly remind the group of what they do and how we can tip them.

That’s it.  It is pretty simple and straight forward.  LeTip is all about putting Dollars In Your Pocket.  Over the years, LeTip has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue for our group.  And that is for each year!

Please join us as our guest for a FREE BREAKFAST! Not only is the food great, but the Business Networking Group group is quite dynamic and can be entertaining.

We meet on Wednesday mornings from 7:00am to 8:30am at 
Rivers Edge Cafe & Espresso
8740 La Riviera Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826

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